Thursday, December 18, 2008

snowflakes & sugarplums

Jon and I took Mazlyn on our yearly Christmas date to the Nutcracker a couple nights ago. Just her and us. Which is a nice change of pace, if only once a year.
Some snippets: A woman at the door gave Mazzy a little stuffed mouse, and she asked for another one for her baby sister (aaaww). When Clara's little brother broke her nutcracker, Mazzy said, "oh, I've done that before." (too true) Champagne and cookies at intermission (which makes the second act that much better). When the snowflakes were done dancing, Mazzy said "I hope they have jackets."
When we finally got home and tucked her into bed, she said "I'm going to have so many good things to dream about."
And that's why we do it every year.


Amy said...

It has been almost a month since we've heard from domestic gold. What's going on?

Amy said...

Okay!!! You are about to have your blogging license revoked!